VOGUE backstage

FInally, we can share these images from Vogue photo shoot. That was a lot of fun and a great experience. It’s wonderful to work with the professional team.

Наконец мы можем поделится бэкстейдж фотографиями со съемки для Vogue. Было очень интересно и весело, это прекрасно работать с профессионалами своего дела!


  • http://www.gordonhaywardart.com/ Gordon

    Love to see all the behind the scenes.

  • Gary Mak

    Love to see more

  • justice83

    I love your dolls but your website is honestly not very user friendly. I can seem to find a place to purchase a doll, clothing etc or how to go about doing so. Also there is no direct location with stats on the dolls how tall they are etc. Having this tuff easily accessible from your site will prevent people from emailing you a lot of repetitive questions & if it exists on your site it isn’t easy to find a all.

    • http://www.popovy-dolls.com Lena & Katya Popovy

      thank you for feedback! we’ll keep it in mind