Madrid show.

We’re back from Madrid Fashion Doll Show, it was a great and unforgettable experience! Thank you, everyone, who worked hard to organize this wonderful event! And thank you, everyone, who joined our personal show, where we showcased some exclusive OOAK pieces and gave a little masterclass. 
A big hug to everyone who came to say hello, it was wonderful to meet you in person. Thank you, friends, for wonderful gifts that will remind us of that warm feeling of meeting you 😘❤😘❤/

Хотим поблагодарить организаторов выставки в Мадриде! Мы были рады посетить это мероприятие и встретиться с поклонниками наших кукол. 😘❤😘❤До встречи на новых шоу!




  • Bogdan Sedovolosy


  • 247snob

    Never seen The whole set of photos. Amazing! (Love the nude, new jointed owl photo)