Dark & Fetish Art

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A collection of dark and fetish art by 40 contemporary artists

This is the third title in the “Erotica in Contemporary Art” series of. The first two titles, Erotica in Japanese Contemporary Art and Erotica in Japanese Contemporary Art II, were the dark art collections of Japanese artists. This title showcases a wide range of dark and fetish art works created by 40 contemporary artists from over the world. Categories of artworks include “Dark Art”, “Fetish Art”, “Photography”, “Body Art” and “Sculpture” (including dolls) and more. All artworks show a rich and glamorous decadence and beauty. This is the must-have book for fetish and dark art fans.

Author : PIE International (Editor)
Pages:352 pages(Full Color)
Release Date : Mar/2018
Language : J/E bilingual
Publisher : PIE International
Price : ¥4,200

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